The Optimal Life


11 November, 2022




Being productive is the practice of engaging in personally meaningful work & play. When we approach our work with this spirit, then we better think about how to engage ourselves with depth.  When we do, we have a much better chance of ending any session feeling accomplished and invigorated to find more. 

Without intentionally being productive, we are left with a sense of unaccomplishment, of feeling unfulfilled & overwhelmed which could take a toll on our mental health. There are a lot of us going around the circle of life in that state of unfulfillment. And without an idea of how to move on to achieve more in life. Whether as an employee, self-employed, students, or stay-at-home parents, we get overwhelmed with life. All through working hours even with overtime, the workload never seems to decrease. One thing is clear, there is a need to seek better ways to be more productive. It is necessary to get clarity on goals, prioritizing what’s most important while also making the time to rest & spend quality time with family, and pursue other passions.

Set SMART Goals;  attaching the ‘SMART approach to your life goals defines a clear pathway for productivity. You need to have an awareness of yourself. Where you are at. Where you want to be, how to get to where you want to be from where you are.  Motivational speakers would usually encourage us to dream big and be positive minded but those dreams would never become reality if the ways to make them real aren't discovered. Your lofty ideas can only become tangible when they are broken down into specific and realistic steps. All humans wish to live long and live their dreams, however, wishes are not horses. No matter the length of your life, it loses its essence without making an effort to bring those dreams to life. Set a specific time to achieve your specific and realistic goals. I love to refer to realistic as easily attainable. As the saying goes; ‘life is for the living, no life goal needs to be let loose without a set time. Setting a time frame creates the opportunity to move on to other great feats and achieve more. Whether daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or monthly, working on smart goals would create a better you.  

Enlist help:  It is so easy to get help with goal setting and achieving more in the world of today.  Available at your fingertips are life coaches, communities, apps, and devices developed to help anyone be a better person.  Modern technology has contributed greatly to man’s personal growth and development. Just at the punch of a button, various resources can be assessed and deployed. Starting from joining a community online or using a to-do app to tracking your most, enlist the help of a life coach who is thousands of miles away. Over time you discover your most productive hours and develop healthy habits that contribute greatly to living a fulfilled life. 

Be accountable: Accountability clearly shows that you are ready to give your all to achieve more. Ready to accomplish all your set goals and be open to scrutiny. Ready to take responsibility for your actions and stand by the actions. An accountability partner may come in handy to help along the way too. 

Personal productivity leads to an optimal life. You gain mastery of your life by reducing the time spent on irrelevant tasks, getting more time for more fulfilling activities and gradually getting closer to achieving set goals. The benefits are enormous. A healthy work-life balance is attained, which is essential for personal growth, it improves your happiness, health, and wealth. Some of the benefits include minimizing stress and burnout, preventing work backlog, creating a better reputation, and having more time for other passions and family.

By getting the right things done at the right time, you create value. And valuable people attract great rewards, both tangible and intangible rewards. Esteem is boosted and you become sought out, increasing your earning potential

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